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SmartCruiser Baby Swing

Plastic baby swing seat
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Product Description


Baby Swing SmartCruiser

Swing It doesn't get any smarter than the FATMOOSE SmartCruiser baby swing. This swing seat is of an impressively simple and timeless design and is perfect for swinging. The well-designed seat is comfortable and provides optimum back support. As an extra feature, this chic product is equipped with safety straps. It needs nothing more!

Product: SmartCruiser baby swing with safety belt
Material: HDPE plastic
Dimensions: L32 x W30 x H26 cm
Rope: Ø 10 cm
Rings and eights: Galvanised steel
Swing height: 205 - 250 cm
Quality and safety tested
Weatherproof: for long-term outdoor use

ATTENTION: Recommended age range 0-3 years
All measurements shown are approximate