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DuoSpy XL Binoculars

Turned and rotated
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Product Description


Binoculars DuoSpy XL

The FATMOOSE DuoSpy XL binoculars are the cool extra feature to have on your climbing frame for first-class spying. These multi-part binoculars can be pivoted and turned, giving you a give of the whole garden. The normal transparent lenses provide an excellent view. Would you prefer a more colourful world? Then attach the yellow or pink lenses. All included!

Product: DuoSpy XL Binoculars with mounting base
Material: PE plastic
Dimensions: L317 x W246 x H220 mm
Contents: incl. mounting base, wood screw, 2 yellow lenses, 2 pink lenses and 2 transparent lenses
Quality and safety tested
Weatherproof: For long-term outdoor use

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