Why this fat?

  • Impregnated solid wood
  • Fat at small prices
  • Free delivery


Zone 1: England, Wales

AT   £0,00 / € 0,00

Bulky items

AT  £0,00 / € 0,00

Other items

Zone 2: Scotland, Northern Ireland,  Ireland

AT  AT  £52,71 / € 59,90

Bulky items

AT  AT £0,00 / € 0,00

Other items

Zone 3: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

AT  AT   AT  AT  € 59,90

Bulky items

AT  AT   AT  AT  € 0,00

Other items

Collection of purchased items is not possible for organisational reasons.
Shipping to (Channel) Islands only on request.
Delivery to the curb side.

Delivery is during normal business hours.

In general the delivery occurs with a pallet truck.
In some exceptional cases, the delivery needs to be unloaded by hand.
We hereby ask you explicitly for your help.