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WalkUp Rope Ladder with 6 Rungs

Rope ladder with 6 rungs
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Product Description


WalkUp Rope Ladder with 6 Rungs

The FATMOOSE WalkUp rope ladder is another classic that never gets boring. Grandpa used to have one hanging from a tree. The rope ladder is equipped with 6 discreetly styled hardwood rungs. Material and workmanship leave nothing to be desired! This rope ladder fits with any climbing frame. It needs nothing more.

Product: WalkUp rope ladder with 6 hardwood rungs
Material: hardwood
Dimensions: L210 x W40 cm, rungs Ø 35 mm
Rung spacing: 35 cm Rope: Ø 12 mm
Rope links: Polypropylene, black
Rings and eights: Galvanised steel
Swing height: 235 - 265 cm
Maximum user weight: 70 kg
Quality and safety tested
Weatherproof: for long-term outdoor use

All measurements shown are approximate