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CrazyCat Comfort XXL

Playful climbing tower with secret entrance
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Product Description


CrazyCat Comfort XXL Play Tower SuperSwing extension

Do you love nature, playing hide and seek and climbing? Then the fantastic CrazyCat Comfort XXL Play Tower is just the thing for you. Reach the tower via a climbing wall with GrabOn climbing stones or take the crazy slanted ladder. A very special feature is the spooky secret entrance at the rear of the play tower. You can use this to hide really well or go hunting in secret.

Even a wild cat needs peace after an exhausting day. You'll find this in the grand play tower on the platform. The play tower is suitable for little secret agents and detectives who want to complete secret missions through the slanted secret entrance. This FATMOOSE tower is so wacky that no one can resist it!

Great FATMOOSE tips:
1.    Let your creativity run free and design the secret entrance with stickers, patterns or washable pens.
2.    Do you love sport? Then transform the shop into a cool goal wall.
3.    Hang the FATMOOSE StepUp climbing rope to the swing beams and you have an extra entrance to the platform.

Product details:
Easy-care, high-pressure impregnated solid timber
Quality and safety tested – Made in Germany
9x9cm swing beam and 7x7cm support beams
Detailed assembly instructions for easy assembly
10-year warranty on all wooden elements

XXL play tower with platform height 150cm
MegaGlider XXL wave slide
Crooked tree house on platform with 2 windows
On the ground floor there are three slanted windows and a door
Fun shop counter with marquee
StreetPilot steering wheel
SpecialSpy telescope
Straight climbing wall
Non-slip, slanted climbing ladder
MasterGrab safety hand grips
Secret entrance with canvas door
Writing board for washable pens for "special offers"
2 weather-resistant FATMOOSE stickers
FatTarp all-weather flag

Contents SuperSwing extension:
High pressure-treated solid wood
FATMOOSE ClassicRider swing seat including adjustable rope
2 SwingFix allround swing hooks with synthetic bearings and carabiner hook

Rocking fun for two:
The swing beam is designed for an additional swing
Simply add a swing seat of your choice and 2 SwingFix hooks to your order

Firemans’s pole for Actionfans:
The FireSlider Fireman’s Pole can be fitted to each FATMOOSE swing bar, along with one swing seat

Contents FatPack Special (included with this article. normally £69,95):
10 year guarantee on all wooden components
Wooden roof instead of the FatTarp all-weather roof tarpaulin
5 climbing stones

Special features:
Fun, crooked design in bright colours
Wave slide with water connection
Various installation options
Counter for café, ice cream parlour or puppet theatre
Shop counter alterable to goal wall
Playing hide and seek in the Wendy house is possible
Secret entrance for agents and wild cats
Various ladder options for optimum development of motor skills
Edging boards can be assembled askew or straight
All the necessary fasteners galvanized and from German quality
Two-piece safety covers
FatTarp all-weather plans washable and for painting
FatTarp all-weather plans and fans very resilient (650gr/m²)
Easy-care impregnated solid timber (no painting required)
Very detailed assembly instructions for simple assembly

Please order according to ground conditions
For a climbing frame with a SuperSwing extension we recommend 8 anchors from our Fix series
As fall protection we recommend 22 SoftSafe safety mats
SmartFoil protective fabric as a base for the sandpit

Weight: 380kg

All measurements shown are approximate

Assembly tip

Anchoring playground equipment. This is how we do it: stable and safe!

With the FATMOOSE Fix series, you'll never again have to worry about the safety and stability of your climbing frame. These products can be used to secure any of the standing posts of your climbing frame.

Assembly tip:

  • Assemble the play equipment and place it in its final position. Pay attention to safety distances according to the assembly instructions.
  • Mark all of the posts and move aside the play equipment so that holes can be dug to a frost-proof depth. Hole dimensions approx. L30 x W30 x D50cm.
  • Place the play equipment back in its final position and attach all the anchors, if possible on the sides that are not visible.
  • Support all the anchors with stones or the play equipment with wooden wedges until it is standing level.
  • Pour ready-mixed concrete in up to approx. 10 cm below the surface.
  • The rest of the hole can be filled with top soil once the concrete is dry.

Choose the perfect anchor for your climbing frame

Ground anchor EasyFix


Simple, easy and stable. The EasyFix is secured using one screw per anchor and stabilises a post in one direction. EasyFix can be attached on the inside of the post so that it is not visible from the outside.

Ground anchor masterfix


Very stable. The post is stabilised in all directions with 2 screws.They can be attached on the inside of the play equipment so they are not visible from the outside. 
Diese müssen in Beton befestigt werden. 

Angled anchor ProFix


Extremely stable. The post is stabilised in all directions with 3 screws. It's got everything. Maximum stability, great look and even the price is right. This is how we like it at FATMOOSE!

Ground anchor PrimeFix


Most stable solution. The post is stabilised in all directions with 4 screws on 2 sides. This anchor requires a little more effort. For climbing frames with integrated sand pits, the side boards need to be released and reattached over the anchors. Please note: PrimeFix anchors are delivered without screws.

Now you can start shovelling, and an hour or two later, everything's fixed in place. 

Additionally you will need

ProFix Angled Anchor Set of 2

ProFix Angled Anchor Set of 2

Regular Price: £18.50

Special Price £14.75

Incl. 20% VAT.
MasterFix Ground Anchor 2-piece Set

MasterFix Ground Anchor 2-piece Set

Regular Price: £10.95

Special Price £8.75

Incl. 20% VAT.
 SoftSafe L Safety Tile

SoftSafe L Safety Tile

Regular Price: £10.75

Special Price £7.95

Incl. 20% VAT.
SmartFoil Sand Protection Foil

SmartFoil Sand Protection Foil

Regular Price: £10.75

Special Price £7.95

Incl. 20% VAT.

Complete your order

ClassicRider Swing Seat

ClassicRider Swing Seat

Regular Price: £20.95

Special Price £16.75

Incl. 20% VAT.
SwingFix Swing Hook Square

SwingFix Swing Hook Square

Regular Price: £16.75

Special Price £13.25

Incl. 20% VAT.
MegaRider L Mega Swing

MegaRider L Mega Swing

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Special Price £219.95

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MegaMover Bucket

MegaMover Bucket

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Special Price £39.50

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