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Info about the FATMOOSE categories


As we are exclusively an online business, our products can only be purchased via the internet. In our Seller Directory, you will find a list of all the sales platforms where our products can be purchased in addition to our online shop. An insider tip from us to you: check our Facebook page and social media channels regularly, because we like to surprise you with great discounts and offers!

We care deeply about the environment, and therefore don't print catalogues. In our online shop you can find everything you need to create a unique haven for your kids.

Currently, we are not planning a showroom. However, if you live nearby or find yourself in our vicinity, you are welcome to drop in and see us: we have erected a handful of climbing frames on our site. Of course, you can also take a look at our inspiration page and get an idea of our climbing frames there.

Our climbing frames are only suitable for private use.

Since jurisdiction can vary not only internationally but also regionally, we recommend that you inform yourself about the current guidelines at the building authority of your municipality/city.


Take care to ensure correct disposal after dismantling. Ask your local council where you can dispose of the waterproof wood.


As with all used items, our climbing frames can also show signs of use. Therefore, we recommend that you inspect your playground equipment regularly to check the tightness of the screws and planks, as well as any accessories.
More tips and information regarding maintenance can be found in the assembly instructions for your climbing frame.

Climbing frames, playhouses and accessories

Take a look in our online shop at your leisure: the accessory parts on offer can easily be attached to every climbing frame. The individual extension modules for frames cannot currently be ordered separately.

Anchors that can be concreted into the ground are a must. These are essential for ensuring that the climbing frame or swing is as stable as possible and that the 10-year guarantee on the wood can take full effect. The advertised guarantee is valid for all wooden parts if you purchase our anchors at the same time. In any other case, the two-year statutory warranty applies. Further information regarding the scope of the warranty and its enforcement can be found in our guarantee declaration.

With FATMOOSE, you will find climbing frames and playhouses with the widest range of platform heights. The perfect frame for you depends on your requirements and desires: is your garden fairly small, and are your children only just taking their first cautious steps into the world of climbing frames and swings? If so, then a climbing frame with a low platform height and low slide should be enough. Large climbing frames with extension modules are great for older kids - and long-term enjoyment.

The last image in the gallery on the relevant product page provides you with the length, height and width of your favourite items.

Steering wheels, binoculars, etc. can be mounted onto every climbing frame, precisely where you think they work best. Slides must, of course, fit the platform of your climbing frame.

In principle, there are no rules regarding the number of children who can play. You should, however, remain mindful of the fact that the individual platforms can withstand a maximum weight of 100 kg. The individual elements, such as swings, slides etc, should not be loaded with more than 50 kg.

With the following guidelines, you can get a general idea: our swings/crossbeams can be loaded with a maximum of 100 kg, and our standard swing seats for children can bear 50 kg. The maximum load for the individual platforms is 100 kg.

As our FATMOOSE products are designed exclusively for private use, the use of safety mats is not legally required. If your climbing frame stands on a hard surface, however, such as stony ground, we recommend that you use mats for protection in the case of falls.

Swing sets and sandpits

In principle, this is, of course, possible. You will need a resilient branch without forks, which could be dangerous to your children as they play on the swing. Our round swing clamps are perfect in this situation. Please note, however, that attaching the swing to other objects is at your own risk and responsibility.

As with our climbing frames, the posts of the swings must be embedded into concrete with anchors. The anchor we recommend for each product can be found on the individual product pages.

Generally, we recommend that there is a safety distance of two metres between the swing and any other objects/obstructions.

With the following guidelines, you can get a general idea: our swings/crossbeams can be loaded with a maximum of 100 kg, and our standard swing seats for children can bear 50 kg.

You cannot purchase sand from FATMOOSE. You can, however, find high-quality play sand for your kids in all well-stocked DIY stores.

The small gaps between the boards, or between the lid and the pit, prevent the formation of mould due to the build-up of moisture.

Our wood is pressure treated. With this process, a waterproofing agent is pumped into the wood at high pressure. This process protects the wood against decomposition, as well as repelling organisms whose presence could lead to the destruction of the wood.
You can actively prevent the formation of mould yourself by unpacking the wood immediately after receipt and storing it in a dry place (for at least 2 days) before assembly.