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OceanPilot XXL Steering Wheel Pirate

Plastic steering wheel in various colours
Art.No: 620842_k

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Product Description


OceanPilot XXL steering wheel pirate

The huge FATMOOSE OceanPilot ship's wheel has been designed to simplify sailing and to maximise manoeuvrability. This steering wheel pirate comes equipped with an unbeatable additional feature: the wheel makes a tick-tick-tick noise when turned. Who wouldn't want that?

Product: Steering wheel OceanPilot XXL
Material: Polyethylene
Dimension: Ø50cm
Product weight: 0.9kg
Fastening materials: Incl. screws
Quality and safety tested
Weather resistant: For permanent outdoor use

Not recommended for children under 3 years of age
The indicated measurements and colours may vary slightly