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VanillaVilla Joy XXL

Play house with veranda and slide

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Product Description


Wendy House VanillaVilla Joy XXL

Here comes the trendy FATMOOSE VanillaVilla Joy XXL garden Wendy house you've been waiting for all this time. This children's Wendy house impresses with its cheeky, wonky design and its trendy slide. You'll reach the veranda with a stylish garden fence in no time via the climbing rungs.

The shop front of the multifunctional wooden Wendy house is a real eye-catcher. From this huge window, you'll be able to sell tasty cakes and colourful ice cream to your friends. Get this stunner for your garden now!

Fat FATMOOSE tips:
1.    Give your garden Wendy house the finishing touch of an awning and curtain with the washable FATMOOSE FatTarp tarpaulin.
2.    Hang the RingRing telephone and the SpecialSpy telescope on the Wendy house, and you'll be able to get in touch with your friends.
3.    Attach a SmartBoard blackboard to the house, and you can write all your shop's offers on it.

Product Details:
Easy-care, high-pressure impregnated solid timber
Quality and safety tested – Made in Germany
Support beams 7x7cm
Detailed instructions for easy assembly
10-year warranty on all wooden parts

Delivery Contents:
XXL Children play house with a 60cm platform height
Wave slide MultiGlider 116cm
Crooked treehouse on stilts with 3 windows
Veranda with slanted fence
Climbing ladder straight
2 MasterGrab safety handles
2 weatherproof FATMOOSE-Stickers
FatTarp all-weather flag

Special Features:
Funny, crooked design in bright colours
Mirrored mounting option
Edge boards diagonally or straight mounted, as desired
Easy-care, impregnated timber (painting not necessary)
All necessary fasteners galvanised
Two-part safety caps
FatTarp all-weather flag very stable (650gr/m²)
Very detailed instructions for easy assembly

Additionally you will need:
Please order according to soil conditions
For a stilt house without swing we recommend 6 anchors of our Fix series
For safety, we recommend 6 SoftSafe safety mats

Complete your order:
FatTarp All-weather tarp
SpecialSpy Telescope
RingRing Telephone

Weight: 220kg

All measurements are estimates

Assembly tip

Anchoring the playground equipment. This is how we do it: stable and safe!

With the FATMOOSE Fix series, you'll never again have to worry about the safety and stability of your climbing frame. These products can be used to secure any of the standing posts of your climbing frame.

Assembly tip:

  • Assemble the play equipment and place it in its final position. Pay attention to safety distances according to the assembly instructions.
  • Mark all of the posts and move aside the play equipment so that holes can be dug to a frost-proof depth. Hole dimensions approx. Ø30x50 cm.
  • Place the play equipment back in its final position and attach all the anchors, if possible on the sides that are not visible.
  • Support all the anchors with stones or the play equipment with wooden wedges until it is standing level.
  • Pour ready-mixed concrete in up to approx. 10 cm below the surface.
  • The rest of the hole can be filled with top soil once the concrete is dry.

Choose the perfect anchor for your climbing frame

Ground anchor EasyFix


Simple, easy and stable. The EasyFix is secured using one screw per anchor and stabilises a post in one direction. EasyFix can be attached on the inside of the post so that it is not visible from the outside.

Ground anchor masterfix


Very stable. The post is stabilised in all directions with 2 screws.They can be attached on the inside of the play equipment so they are not visible from the outside. 
This anchor has to be fixed into concrete.

Angled anchor ProFix


Extremely stable. The post is stabilised in all directions with 3 screws. It's got everything. Maximum stability, great look and even the price is right. This is how we like it at FATMOOSE!

Ground anchor PrimeFix


Most stable solution. The post is stabilised in all directions with 4 screws on 2 sides. This anchor requires a little more effort. For climbing frames with integrated sand pits, the side boards need to be released and reattached over the anchors. Please note: PrimeFix anchors are delivered without screws.

Now you can start shovelling, and an hour or two later, everything's fixed in place.

Additionally you will need

ProFix Angled Anchor Set of 2

ProFix Angled Anchor Set of 2

Regular Price: £22.95

Special Price £17.75

Incl. 20% VAT.
MasterFix Ground Anchor 2-piece Set

MasterFix Ground Anchor 2-piece Set

Regular Price: £14.95

Special Price £11.75

Incl. 20% VAT.
 SoftSafe L Safety Tile

SoftSafe L Safety Tile

Regular Price: £22.95

Special Price £16.95

Incl. 20% VAT.

Complete your order

RetroCruiser Swing Seat Wood

RetroCruiser Swing Seat Wood

Regular Price: £37.95

Special Price £27.95

Incl. 20% VAT.
FatTarp All-weather tarpaulin

FatTarp All-weather tarpaulin

Regular Price: £42.95

Special Price £31.95

Incl. 20% VAT.
RingRing Telephone

RingRing Telephone

Regular Price: £28.95

Special Price £22.50

Incl. 20% VAT.
SpecialSpy Telescope

SpecialSpy Telescope

Regular Price: £30.95

Special Price £22.95

Incl. 20% VAT.